Thursday, July 2, 2009


Okay, so I decided to go ahead and get the kids' school supplies so as to not suffer the typical island crisis of everyone being out of everything.

Right when I walked in the PX I saw that the manager's sale was an extra 25% off items already on clearance!!!!!

This purse that i have been drooling over for what seems like forever originally cost $44. Sorry but that's just too much to spend on a purse. I kept checking and checking and it went to 25% off... then a few weeks later 50% off... then today it was marked 75% off!!!! and with the additional 25% off I paid $8.25 for my $44 purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't see why everyone doesn't want one of these!!!!It's even orange on the inside!!! LOVE IT!Of course since there was this special, I thought I would just cruise the clearance racks. I had planned on purchasing the kids' school clothes from the base thrift store.

In the women's department I got
-swimsuit cover up- was $19.99 and I paid $11.25
-shirt was $16 and I paid $3
-2 pairs of jamma capris were $8.99 I paid $5.06

I keep on cruising next hitting up the girls department. GOLD MINE!
I was able to get Alli 6 dresses, 8 shirts, and 4 skirts or skorts.
Total of that would have been: $304.90 and I paid $114.66 with a savings of $190.24 and not all of her items were on sale. Alli's items average to about $6.37 per item. Thrift store would have cost $3 or $4 per item and who knows how much for the beautiful dresses.

We made our way to the boys department
Got Jason 7 shorts and 7 shirts for $59.62 and the total would have been $166.39 with a savings of $106.77!!!!! Each item averaging out at $4.26 per item. Thrift store charges $3 or $4 per item.

Totals of just clothes:

Spent $190.22
Total, had nothing been on sale: $510.27

Total Savings on clothes $320.05

I did get the school supplies and most of the items were 50% off. but I didn't calculate it all because my brain is beginning to overheat.

Is it just me or does this seem like a fabulous day to get all school clothes and supplies??????

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  1. AWESOME "catch" Girl!!! You are amazing! I never find anything I want on sale let alone a purse I've been wanting for months!!! Way to go!!!!


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