Sunday, June 21, 2009

We typically don't get much time out front. When the sun sets it shines just about straight onto the front of the house. The kids wanted to ride their scooters so we sat out front.

Yeah and don't tell anyone but Jason is a secret Ninja.
Here in Japan they have the BEST parks!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! If they had these parks in America there would be lawsuits, not kidding! Honestly, the only thing I really miss about America is my family. Other than family, Japan ROCKS!
As you can see the first part of this slide is straight down.
Alli was all about it! Jason did it before, but didn't want to today.

Here is Alli at the bottom of a big roller slide. There are many many rollers on the slide, hence the name. They all had a ball.
Totally made for grown ups too!

This is the view from almost the top of the roller slide.

Caution If you walk your dog you will be shot and your dog stolen. LOL
We have figured out a rather fast way to dump the pool. I'd like to call it the "Schroeder" way. We take all the air caps off so the air goes out, then the water. So fun!

It's almost as fun as when we first set it up.

Lime Faces

Here are a couple of lime faces.

Random pics.

We learned that Rita likes bubbles as much as the kids do.
It's so fun to watch her eat the bubbles. Cheap entertainment. :-)