Friday, May 29, 2009


Jeff went on a fishing trip with his "dude" (that's what the kids call guy friends) :-)
He brought home some fish and chopped them in the backyard. The kids were very excited to watch Big Daddy with the fish.Here we find Alli's "MMMMOOOOOOMMMMMM" face.

He sure had a great time and plans to do a trip again, just not this summer.

Visit to the fire station

Our very kind neighbor invited us this morning to visit the fire house. We first stopped to get a picture with the famous Shisa dogs.

Jason with the helmet on.

It was short and sweet and Jason loved it! Thanks again Heidi for the invite! YOU ROCK!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Our own pizzas

It's always so fun to make pizza with the kids. I just don't think that I ever got it on film (so to speak). So here are the kids making their own pizzas about 2 weeks ago.

They did a fabulous job!


Since we've moved here, I've been trying to think of a decorating "theme" that Jeff would like. I couldn't find one, so I told him that when he finds one he likes I'll do it.

So he decided to paint one wall burnt orange. We only bought a little bit to see if we could live with it.

After we painted some of the living room wall, the kids were like, "Do my room!" So Jeff had them draw out what they wanted on one wall of their rooms. Alli pink and purple with yellow butterfly. Jason blue and red with spider and spiderweb.

Here are the pics of the little bit of wall. You'll see the rest when it's done!!! K?!

My fan

As you may recall me mentioning, our base housing is.... well... old. So there are 4 rooms that do not have vents for the a/c.

Neither of the bathrooms have vents, nor does the laundry room or the kitchen.

So the kitchen is always like 10 degrees hotter. At Whiteman, I had a vent right at my feet at the sink! Oh it was nice. So, after dragging the fan to the kitchen everyday, Jeff and the kids bought me this fan. Of course it's Japanese because the Japanese are so very handy and resourceful!

The pictures probably aren't too exciting to you, but every time I am in the kitchen I am very thankful for my fan!


Here are pics of Jason, being Jason.Walking Rita

He likes his magnetics
Jason enjoys doing different poses, reminds me of Chris.
What a handsome boy!


Sorry it's been so long. Excuses.... I won't even try.

So here are a few pics of Alli, just being Alli. I have many more to update so stay tuned.

Alli walking Kelly.
What a cutie!

She's had her island dress for as long as I can remember. I do recall when I got it at the Airman's Attic at Whiteman. I knew she'd love it. I'll be sad when we have to retire it. It's her favorite.