Monday, April 13, 2009

Bye Bye Baby Smile

It's just not fair! Her baby smile is gone. As a mom, I'm a little sad. You've heard it 100 times, "They grow so fast".

So she lost the first one on Friday and the second on Sunday (Easter). She's excited!!!

I must say that after a day of toothless smiles, I am liking the "growing up" look. I mean, she's so cute!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Keeping it real

Okay, the challenge is keeping it real.

Take one picture of yourself right now, NO PRIMPING!!! Just do it and post it on your blog!!!

Here's my keeping it real. The breakfast table at 10:30 a.m.
First picture I took of myself. Not bad, I guess. I took like 20 after and they were hideous!

Alli playing wii in her jammies
Jason playing wii. He's always dressed and ready for the day. He's been wearing this orange bracelet for a couple weeks now. It says Nerf on it, I think it came in a Subway kids meal.
Both of Alli's top front teeth are very very very loose! One is so loose that she does this. She's so funny. This is her being silly.My desk being real... My orchid is dying. I always kill plants but I try so hard. I am usually successful at viney ones unless someone puts them outside in the direct sun. LOL
Now I must clean the house.

Did take the kids to Mona kids jungle again yesterday. NOthing new, no new pics. They enjoyed 3 hours of sweaty kids play.

Today we are going to go putt putt golf at the community center (it's free!), mail Easter cards which are going to be late, but they made me fill out customs forms for all of them. (yesterday...LOL). Gotta get groceries, which is NOT fun. I am hoping the movie store has Yes, Man with Jim Carrey as I need some laughs tonight!!!!

Tomorrow we are hoping to go to Botanical Gardens!!!!!!!! Never been there fut it sure sounds like fun!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


It’s been such a fabulous journey getting to know God. It’s amazing how much different everything looks through my new eyes.

When I started this journey to Okinawa, I can say that I was less than thrilled. In Missouri, I got to meet Christian women and really connected with them. Coming here I felt cut open by the fact that this would be my first base that I don’t know anyone, having to find my place among Christian women, and just finding Christian women, it was all so very intimidating.

I found PWOC through the website the night before the summer kick off in 2008. I fell in love. In love with God’s presence, in love with the idea of being with Christian women, and eventually in love with all the fabulous women!

I almost feel in shock. Before Christ I would meet someone who I thought would be great, I would give all the “me” I had and ALWAYS got hurt very badly. So I still find myself almost poking these fabulous women. Almost waiting for the “bubble” to burst. How could such greatness exist in a person, especially in women? It’s just not happening. There is no bursting bubble. These women are 100% real and in love with Jesus, just like me!

Don’t get me wrong, I do know that we all are sinners. But I can see Christ in them and through them. I’ve never felt this thing because it’s almost unexplainable.

So today after the PWOC board meeting, we all went to the little café called “Café Latte”. So cute, and they had pancakes for Jason AND HE ATE THEM!!! There were 6 ladies and Jason in a booth that was so comfortable and close. It was the best time I have had outside my family, since we’ve been on Okinawa! I never wanted it to end. It only seemed like 10 minutes but I know it was longer than that because when we left I had to run to the post office and pick Alli up from school.

I feel like we are all flowers. Some are different colors, some different shapes. Some don’t like too much water, some do. In the end we are all flowers who NEED God, our sun, to live and grow.

My day was fabulous. And I must admit that I am so very thankful that God has sent us to Okinawa, he’s so fabulous!