Thursday, April 9, 2009

Keeping it real

Okay, the challenge is keeping it real.

Take one picture of yourself right now, NO PRIMPING!!! Just do it and post it on your blog!!!

Here's my keeping it real. The breakfast table at 10:30 a.m.
First picture I took of myself. Not bad, I guess. I took like 20 after and they were hideous!

Alli playing wii in her jammies
Jason playing wii. He's always dressed and ready for the day. He's been wearing this orange bracelet for a couple weeks now. It says Nerf on it, I think it came in a Subway kids meal.
Both of Alli's top front teeth are very very very loose! One is so loose that she does this. She's so funny. This is her being silly.My desk being real... My orchid is dying. I always kill plants but I try so hard. I am usually successful at viney ones unless someone puts them outside in the direct sun. LOL
Now I must clean the house.

Did take the kids to Mona kids jungle again yesterday. NOthing new, no new pics. They enjoyed 3 hours of sweaty kids play.

Today we are going to go putt putt golf at the community center (it's free!), mail Easter cards which are going to be late, but they made me fill out customs forms for all of them. (yesterday...LOL). Gotta get groceries, which is NOT fun. I am hoping the movie store has Yes, Man with Jim Carrey as I need some laughs tonight!!!!

Tomorrow we are hoping to go to Botanical Gardens!!!!!!!! Never been there fut it sure sounds like fun!

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  1. I love it!! Thanks for playing along!!! I love your self-portrait!!! You all look like you are enjoying spring break!!!!


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