Monday, July 20, 2009

Random Pics

Jason and Daddy built a castle
Jason showing Paco his hulk through the phone. LOVE IT!
Kids bowling

A friend of mine is leaving the island this month so we went to Jack's Place for dinner. I forgot my memory card yet again in the computer so I only got one shot. The tall thing on the right is BUTTER! Can't wait to bring the whole family here!!
Paco sent the kids some new Kool-Aid shirts. You may or may not know but Hastings, Nebraska (area I grew up and area where my family still resides) is considered the birthplace of Kool-Aid. I can't even think of the last time I made Kool-Aid. The last time I do remember is before kids. However, we are going to make a slushie syrup for some shaved ice this week!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Level 2 Swim Lessons

The kids just finished up their last week of swim lessons. They did a whole month of lessons and I must say I am impressed. Most kids were more serious and our kids were just happy to get in the water.

It was hard to get good pictures but I'll share what I have.

Above is Alli swimming to her teacher, Miss Starfish.
Above is Alli swimming back to the dock.

This picture above is frequently how Jason was. A mom's worst nightmare!
Jason's big arms powering away.
Jason floating
Back of Alli's head floating.

No more swim lessons for this family this Summer. I just can't take it. LOL

Sunday, July 5, 2009


One day, the kids and I made these Chinese dragons. They played with them for a couple days, which was wonderful!
I love how obvious the supervisor is in this picture. Perhaps in America we don't see this because the supervisor is inside some air conditioning somewhere.
This struck me as odd.

Just a few random photos.


We decided to go to the aquarium on the 4th of July. We drove an hour and half up there. It was very hot and very busy, but was super fun. Right when we were leaving the aquarium it started down pouring on us. I had to wring my clothes out to get in the car, NO KIDDING! It was a long drive back home.

This is a shisa fountain, super cool!
In this area the kids were allowed to touch the animals. Of course they didn't. I asked Alli why she didn't touch the animals. She said that she wanted to touch the fish.
I love these big dopey looking fish. They are just so big and odd looking.
This thing was as big as Kelly! The biggest crab/lobster thing I ever saw!
icky eels. Jeff likes to eat them.

These are another kind of eel that lives in the sand. They were so cool to watch.
This is the main attraction. A HUGE aquarium with whale sharks and many other fish.

Another dopey fish. If you look to the right of it you can see it's size in comparison to a person.
You could sit under the aquarium curve and watch the fish, but of course it was full so we grabbed a quick shot.
Another dopey fish. This one the right side of his face is all messed up.
This little Jelly fish was about 2 inches long. There were many many fish that live in the depths of the ocean, but it was toooooooooo dark to take pics.

It was definitely fun and a great way to spend the 4th of July here in Okinawa.

We did get to watch the fireworks on our front porch, then went to bed. They were beautiful!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Okay, so I decided to go ahead and get the kids' school supplies so as to not suffer the typical island crisis of everyone being out of everything.

Right when I walked in the PX I saw that the manager's sale was an extra 25% off items already on clearance!!!!!

This purse that i have been drooling over for what seems like forever originally cost $44. Sorry but that's just too much to spend on a purse. I kept checking and checking and it went to 25% off... then a few weeks later 50% off... then today it was marked 75% off!!!! and with the additional 25% off I paid $8.25 for my $44 purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't see why everyone doesn't want one of these!!!!It's even orange on the inside!!! LOVE IT!Of course since there was this special, I thought I would just cruise the clearance racks. I had planned on purchasing the kids' school clothes from the base thrift store.

In the women's department I got
-swimsuit cover up- was $19.99 and I paid $11.25
-shirt was $16 and I paid $3
-2 pairs of jamma capris were $8.99 I paid $5.06

I keep on cruising next hitting up the girls department. GOLD MINE!
I was able to get Alli 6 dresses, 8 shirts, and 4 skirts or skorts.
Total of that would have been: $304.90 and I paid $114.66 with a savings of $190.24 and not all of her items were on sale. Alli's items average to about $6.37 per item. Thrift store would have cost $3 or $4 per item and who knows how much for the beautiful dresses.

We made our way to the boys department
Got Jason 7 shorts and 7 shirts for $59.62 and the total would have been $166.39 with a savings of $106.77!!!!! Each item averaging out at $4.26 per item. Thrift store charges $3 or $4 per item.

Totals of just clothes:

Spent $190.22
Total, had nothing been on sale: $510.27

Total Savings on clothes $320.05

I did get the school supplies and most of the items were 50% off. but I didn't calculate it all because my brain is beginning to overheat.

Is it just me or does this seem like a fabulous day to get all school clothes and supplies??????