Friday, April 9, 2010

Been Awhile??

It's been awhile... I know. I live with that constant feeling of "you should post to your blog... your people NEED YOU".

First off, although nobody asked MY opinion, I am sick of Dr. Laura. I used to appreciate her boldness. Seems like every time I read her blog, she's just down right rude. I mean SERIOUSLY who asked you?? I know she gets paid and such and is probably a very nice person. I just don't see how she can be so mean all the time.
Okay so here a few fun things I found around the web today. I'm a HUGE NERD and love to read everything. I'm crafty (or wish I was more) and love the creativity that God has blessed this world with.

These bee cards are from I just love ALL her work!

It's easier to post everything individually.

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