Friday, April 9, 2010

The 411 on the Schroeders

So what's happening with us...

Jeff is working day shift, YEAH!

Alli is such a fabulous reader that she is in an advanced readers course (which by the way, we didn't know).

Jason is also doing great with reading! They both take 15 minutes at night to read to us.

I am teaching 2 classes this session. Of course I am loving it! I've had to do some tweaking of my schedule and it's still a little chaotic.

One of my dear Cupcakes is leaving the island next week. It is very sad to see a friend leave. I am super excited for her and her family though because they are going to AMERICA! And they will be able to see their family!!!

Today is the first day of the kids' Spring break. Nothing exciting yet but that is going to be short lived. We have a week of fun with friends coming up. I will do my best to document the fun with my camera and post on the blog.

I'm tired of being on the computer, especially since I work on it.

Later Taters!

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