Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sun Dogs

Paco saw a Sun Dog in Nebraska!!! BEAUTIFUL!

Typically seen to the left and right of a low-lying sun, sun dogs, or parhelia, can take a number of forms—from slightly brighter segments of a solar halo to rainbow-hued horizontal streaks to blinding spots nearly indistinguishable from the sun itself.
Despite Nebraska's subzero temperatures, sun dogs don't require cold ground temperatures. The atmospheric phenomena can be seen globally in any season. (from

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  1. I read your entire BLOG and it brought back so many memories!! 1) BX usually sold out if you come back to get something you were looking at. 2) Cucumbers look like carrots and carrots look like cucumbers (size wise). 3) Everything takes forever to receive when you order it from the furniture store (Lester when I was there). 4) Off base people look at you like you are crazy because you can't speak Japanese (Americans are supposed to be very bright in their eyes!). 5) Loved the Freeway... and the cops with their speed sticks. Check your speed with a stick and the cop further down the road is "waving" you in to get your ticket. More memories are flooding in, but I probably need to look interested in the movie "Bolt". After the 5-6th time... not easy to do. :) HUGS!! Angel


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