Sunday, February 8, 2009

Our first time on the Expressway!

There were quite a few of these tunnels on the Expressway.

Not sure of the story about this airplane on top of this house, but it sure is unique.

The Japanese are all about details, they're really good too!

Some "bikers".

I believe that this is a postman.

A mini-4 wheeler.

Note the man on the roof of the white building! No safety harness necessary in Okinawa.

Another beautiful home.

I want to have that job, standing and watching. They seem to have a lot of those.

2 guys riding a motorcycle. It is VERY common to see this here. Still a little weird to me though. LOL

They always wrap their construction areas.

Old dude on old scooter.

Men working.

Someone got pulled over.

Don't know if you can read the sign, it says 80 clicks! That's 49.7 miles per hour, we were flying!

We had a fabulous time driving around. I actually felt like we "got away" from it all even though it all looked the same.

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  1. I love the photos of your drive. I was told the building with the plane on it is where the Japanese Mafia meet. Don't go there.


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