Sunday, July 1, 2012

Is there a storm brewing?

Storm Warning
Billy Graham is a man of God.  Billy is seemingly always focused on Christ and this book is no different.  These times we live in are full of anxiety, stress and fear.  We never know what tomorrow will bring. Many of us wonder what the end times will look like and if we are living in them now.  

The book takes us on a journey through the end-time prophecies that can be found in the bible. I don’t feel like I finished up the book feeling more at peace or more confused.  I am grateful that my faith points me back to Jesus when I have all these new questions.

I do admire Billy Graham and his faithfulness to our God. His ministries bring God all the glory. Apparently this is a revision of his original book that was written in 1992.  We all know there have been many more “storms” that have come since then. Why don’t you read a copy today and tell us what you think?

It was a free book through and took me, SERIOUSLY, years to read.  They offer books for free if we blog about them.  No one is required to write anything positive or negative, just our honest opinions. I honestly finally read it because I wanted to get a new book.

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