Saturday, October 17, 2009

Okinawa Zoo

We were invited to tag along to the Okinawa Zoo on Columbus Day. I must admit that going to the zoo was a lot more exciting than staying home.
Jason insisted that I take a picture of his dolphin in the bat setup.

The Ryuku flying fox are the size of full grown cats, with wings. NO KIDDING! I tried to get a picture of the real bats but the cage kept distorting my pics. I'll try when we go again some time.
This monkey looked like his mask was fake, plastic.
There was another Japanese sign for the poo throwing monkey but I didn't get a pic. It was hot, I was hot. I'll do better next time. This one was for the tigers' cages.
I took these 2 pics while the kids were on the merry go round.

Of course those 2 kids sat on opposite sides of the merry go round and couldn't see each other. Kinda silly.
This was the highlight for the kids. I think they could have stayed there all day. Next time we go we'll hit the Wonder Museum (inside the Zoo) first before it gets too crowded.

Some fun pics.

This one I had to pry Alli away from. She danced in it constantly watching herself on the screen.
So that was our Zoo adventure. I'll list the animals they had and will do better the next time we go.

some birds
ant eater
wild boar
Huge banana spider that was right in the middle of the path, though I highly doubt it was supposed to be there. ICKY!
little petting zoo
that's about all I can think of. :-)

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  1. my kids love that place too, they call that monkey, the 'rainbow bummed monkey' LOL


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