Monday, September 28, 2009

Making a list Monday

It's time for a list. Since this week is so busy, I'll list what I'm doing this week.

Monday (today)- Resume, Laundry and that's about all I had time for.

Tuesday- PWOC, maybe lunch with the ladies, cash check that is in yen (wish me luck on that one), mail a package to Jeff.

Wednesday- Scrapbooking at Janas, perhaps lunch.

Thursday- PWOC Board Meeting, lunch with the ladies

Friday- New BX opens, it's a must see!

Weekend- Jason wants to go to the movie theater and Sunday is church.

So what's on YOUR list?

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  1. ok here is my list. Tuesday, check out of hotel for good! get Andrew to science class, back to house to help organize first shipment of stuff, pick Andrew up from class and get lunch, get Andrew to PE class, back to house to oranize more, Go get Andrew from class, Pick Joshua up at bus stop, and back to house for more organizing, maybe some food for dinner? wooo I am tired and it is still tuesday!

    PS. I can't wait to hear about the BX opening. I have seen some pictures of it and it looks so great!!!


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