Sunday, January 18, 2009

Better than nothing

Well this week wasn't completely reaching my goals, though it was certainly better than nothing.

We get into habits and routines and it's always difficult to change back. I mean in order to start the habit of smoking, you have to smoke a cigarette no matter how much it hurts. You keep forcing your flesh to do it and then it's a habit. Quiting that habit is just as painful for the flesh. It took time to get the bad habit, it'll take time to get rid of the bad habit.

The flesh is dumb! It doesn't know what it needs, it only knows what it wants or feels. We have to keep telling the flesh to be quiet and that the mind and spirit truly know what is best.

Do you think that this pink lady grew up wanting to look like a hot air balloon?!?!?!?!? I doubt it. Now her flesh has completely taken all control over from her mind and spirit. She's a slave to it. Her flesh has trapped her within it.

And this lady... I mean do you think that she thought that she would be a very very big lady eating cake on the Internet?!?!?!?!?! Doubt it, or at least i hope not. She probably feels to far away from a healthy body that she just does what the flesh wants. Keep the flesh happy and it'll leave you alone. Keep the flesh happy and it won't make it hard on you.

This journey to health isn't easy to say the least. I know that I want to be all that God has planned for me to be. So far, everything I have read in the bible certainly points toward taking care of our bodies, not let your body do whatever it wants.

So here is 5 lbs of fat, doesn't that look GROSS!?!?!?!?!!??!

It shames me to post this week and not have reached my goals. The days that I wasn't doing what I knew I was supposed to, I would think, "I told everyone I was going to do this...." Hoping that that mentality will work this next week.


-Intervals for 35 minutes 3 x
-resistance training for 30 minutes 2x
-get those doggies out for a walk or 12

I pray that some blessing will come for those of you who are tortured to read my blog... LOL no seriously! Have a fantabulousoooooo week and I look forward to reporting, "Mission Accomplished" on the 25th!


  1. You can do it!! I will pray for you!

  2. WOW, that is a big bum!
    (sorry to just barge in like that, I came from Heidi's blog, you can blame her LOL)


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